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The Amish SUCK!

Posted by John Pitrelli on 07/24/2014 at 11:36 PM

Re: “Ghosts Of Wayne County

Here we are six years later and Robert Buell's DNA matched the DNA (semen) found on Tina Harmon's dress. This seals his guilt. He was justly executed. He was a twisted rapist (note the one survivor's story of torture), pedophile, and serial murderer. Your article does make me wonder about Ralph Ross though. Did he assist and has he hurt other women/girls since? Creepy.

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Posted by Tina on 07/20/2014 at 10:33 PM

Re: “A Brave Never Tells

I was a participant for 5 years. On my 6th. year, I was involved in carving pipestones, and in my 7th. year, I was an Indian. Nothing in my life of 63 years has had a greater impact on me. It is Scouting's greatest ceremony, supported by dozen's of adult volunteers. Kid's have to earn their pipestone and it becomes more difficult every year. Kind of like life. But the reward is beyond imagination!!!

Posted by marcdrusselol60 on 07/17/2014 at 1:29 AM

Re: “A Brave Never Tells

I understand where you pipestone holders are coming from, when i first started reading this article i thought of how bad this program must be. But then he mentioned Mic-o-Say and how bad it is and i knew that this author was just another person trying to make boy scouts and its honor programs look bad. I just returned yesterday from H. Roe Bartle scout reservation where i have just earned my warrior in the tribe of Mic-o-Say. I can attest that nothing that Mic-o-Say does is questionable, sure they make you work for a day but it is less of a punishment more of giving back to the reservation that has given so much to you, and sure they make you fast but only if you are able to and the silence is to let you think and is encouraged to be broken if you feel that something is wrong with you or another scout. And once in the tribe the perks are amazing and so are the people i would strongly recommend people to research it more

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Posted by Kansas City Scout on 07/15/2014 at 4:24 PM

Re: “A Brave Never Tells

I am a fifth year pipestone holder. Earned them all at the old "Camp Buckeye" near Beach City, OH from 1975-1979. (Buckeye and Tuscazoar's camps were combined into what is now the Seven Ranges program.) My pipestone is a cherished piece of my youth that I will never part with. Never. In fact, it sits on a shelf in my office along with other cherished mementoes.

The program was designed to allow the boys to advance a full rank the week of camp, and to reward them for it. This isn't one of those, "Hooray! Everyone's a winner!" programs. The pipestone program awards achievement; you don't make rank, you don't get the award. Period. The program worked extremely well. My five years there, I only remember one boy from our troop missing the cut. It was a big deal.

The native American aspect of the program (and camp in general) was an absolute mark of respect for their culture. There is another program -- a national program -- called "Order of the Arrow" that also is steeped in Native American culture. Of course, while the media is busy bashing the BSA, they NEVER take the time to learn or tell the public about the reverence for NA culture that exists in Scouting.

Was I scared out of my wits the first year? Yes! Now, this was back in the mid-1970s and I GUARANTEE the ceremonies we experienced back then were more intense than what they are allowed to do now. But no one was permanently traumatized, nobody was injured -- all allegations of that type are pure BS. As for "zxcvbnm," he sounds like a typical whiny Genx-er. Once you are past the first year, you know what to expect and the "fear factor" is not nearly as intense.

The cautionary words that fourth-year candidates hear was relevant then, as it is now. These are young men coming of age and the advice given is good advice. I will say no more about the specifics of that or any other year's ceremony because, unlike the author, I respect the secrecy of the program. I've never shared the details with anyone who hasn't been through it and I never will.

For anyone to allege any kind of known or sanctioned sexual abuse before, during or after these ceremonies is a bald-faced lie. Period. If anyone in a position of authority had heard even a whisper of anything like this it would have been dealt with swiftly. Why do you think the BSA fought gay scout leaders for so long? Simple answer: they didn't want gay adults in a position of authority around young men.

In addition, for any of the "adult leaders" of troops attending camp to say that they knew nothing about the ceremony or what would take place also is a lie. Pure and simple. I can't imagine that some out-of-state troop would attend camp not knowing details about the program. Not buying that one at all.

If you talk to anyone who has ever been through the program, you will hear nothing but good things, respect, and admiration for the program. Clearly, the author is trying to discredit the program and the local council. This is not some "secret society" tinged in sexual misbehavior! I am insulted beyond words that the author seems to be sensationalizing the program in an attempt to discredit it.

For those of you who commented and know nothing about the program saying it's wrong, or should be investigated, etc. I will say this: You're buying in to the author's lies. This story is a hit piece, plain and simple.

One specific thing I will debunk is this: No one is forced to stand for hours. That is a lie. Then, as now, you wait by a campfire, sitting quietly, before your group goes through your specific year's ceremony. There are no beatings; no one is abused; there is no violence. All of those allegations are LIES.

Quite frankly, we need MORE programs like scouting and pipestone. Oh, one last thing: the author should be stripped of his pipestone for violating the secrecy of the program. So should "zxcvbnm," who went as far as to reveal secret passwords. If you haven't already, you should mail your pipestone back to the council. You don't deserve to keep it.

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Posted by 5yrPipestone on 07/06/2014 at 10:10 PM

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