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Re: “Surprise! Chardon Shooter T.J. Lane is Having Trouble in Prison

Fuck him. Let him rot. He acts like an animal, he gets treated less than since he should know better.

Posted by Fucktjlane on 01/21/2017 at 1:16 AM

Re: “Cleveland Bagel's Come a Long Way in Three Years, and They're Not Done Growing Yet

so good to hear quality reigns over quantity congrats guys

Posted by greenlady0 on 01/20/2017 at 11:23 PM

Re: “Panini's Bar and Grill Warehouse District Location has Closed

City shut them down

Posted by Dude on 01/20/2017 at 9:26 PM

Re: “Takin' a Ride

Savvy post - For my two cents if others are looking for a NYS DMV MV-327 , my colleague filled out a blank version here

Posted by Pat Redman on 01/20/2017 at 9:03 PM

Re: “Prep Kitchen Cle Will Bring Entrepreneurial Cooperation to the West Bank of the Flats

Couldn't be more excited about this. Here's to hoping even better restaurants move into the city through this project. Let's eliminate big chain places.

Posted by Cory on 01/20/2017 at 4:29 PM

Re: “If Cleveland Had a Bigger, Better Metro Railway, This is What it Might Look Like

Chuckles, I'm aware that happened, but it's worth noting that Chicago and New York may have suffered less in their cores because of the public transportation connectivity. I'm sure Cleveland would still have hollowed, but perhaps nowhere near as much. And when the economy bounced back in the 80s, 90s, development Downtown and along transit lines likely would have been much stronger as well, especially as urban living gained the popularity it has now.

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Posted by Lee Hawkins on 01/20/2017 at 4:22 PM

Re: “Another Really Cool (Imaginary) Regional Transit Map for Northeast Ohio

I drive over/past the vacant railroad he mapped the commuter line on ever day. I've always pondered to myself "this would make a great stop for a transit line".

Posted by Dan on 01/20/2017 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Cleveland March Planned in Solidarity with Women's March on Washington

I will be attending the march on Saturday. I am not a liberal/ generally vote more republican, but my heart aches for what the next four years will bring. Let's march for respect of women, acceptance for all human beings, LGBT rights and let our new President know that all voices matter and that we will be holding him accountable.

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Posted by Wise-Litzler Kathy on 01/20/2017 at 2:42 PM

Re: “Cleveland March Planned in Solidarity with Women's March on Washington

response to point.2.I.Q. getoverit - it hurts you that you're wrong, doesn't it? You have proven your bigotry time and time again in just a few posts. Your 'facts' are (like Fox News) always skewed and wrong. There will be thousands of people who believe in standing up to bigotry and oppression at the march tomorrow.
Do you even know (or care) that your 'candidate' was endorsed by the Klan and the Neo-Nazi party? WIth whom you must agree or you wouldn't have voted for the tangerine terror tantrum. Hating the groups of people that you do makes you a bigot,
It's unfortunate that your parents and drumpf's parents didn't love their children enough to raise them to do the right things, instead of espousing hate, fear, negativity and bigotry.

Love trumps hate, EVERY TIME. You and your SS troops can write whatever you want. You will ultimately lose, and that's what makes you so angry. I feel pity for you and your master - but that won't make all of US fight any the less.

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Posted by StrongFeministDemocrat on 01/20/2017 at 2:29 PM

Re: “Cleveland March Planned in Solidarity with Women's March on Washington

getoverit is so frighteningly ignorant and bigoted, like his master. Why are all these drumpf supporters so nasty? Their master won, they should be happy - not that bigots are ever happy, really. The tangerine terror tantrum will be defeated, one way or another - like Hitler, Mussolini, et al. Let's not waste our time on fearmongering haters like 'getoverit'.

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Posted by StrongFeministDemocrat on 01/20/2017 at 2:18 PM

Re: “Cleveland March Planned in Solidarity with Women's March on Washington

I am planning to march. Last I saw, 3,000 were signed up on Facebook. I stand for equality for all and preservation of our planet. Actions will speak louder than words. If you didn't vote, you need to at the next opportunity...that is how democracy works.

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Posted by americancitizen on 01/20/2017 at 11:30 AM

Re: “This Looks Like the Definitive Cleveland RNC Documentary

- Suffragette City -

Posted by LakeErieSeaGulls on 01/20/2017 at 10:04 AM

Re: “My Weekend at a Northeast Ohio Nudist Camp

My fiance and I are considering going there this year. We have just started to live the naturist lifestyle within our home and want to venture out into the world and make new friends in the process.

I created to share our adventures.

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Posted by OhioCPL on 01/20/2017 at 8:05 AM

Re: “Two Suspected Overdoses, Four Assaults on Officers in Last Week at Cuyahoga County Jail

Like to see them actually fix the problem instead of trying to sugar coat it cause they're just trying to be cheap asses and put people's lives at risk. Fix it right the first time and you won't have an issue.

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Posted by Emily D'Amico on 01/19/2017 at 11:39 PM

Re: “"The Founder" is Good, but Reveres McDonald's Monstrous Empire Builder

Mickey D's (only inner-city blacks used to call it that, and now they even call themselves that) was a model of efficiency and offered good, cheap product in the mid-Fifties. I was 8-9 years old then, and I remember other local chains in suburban Chicago that had carhops and lousy service and bad-tasting food.

One was called Richard's "Car-feteria"--and McDonald's destroyed them in a hurry. Another outfit called Henry's tried to copy Mickey D's, and they didn't last a decade.

McDonald's was family-friendly, too, at least in their pioneer days.. You filled out a form and they sent you a post card that was good for a free hamburger on your birthday. Our dog Lucky soon became our little sister...whose name was Lucy. Brand loyalties begin early. I still prefer the Arches to anybody else.

As for the classic Eastern diners, they were few and far between in Illinois, so we didn't miss them much when they went away.

Chuckles the Clown

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Posted by Chuckles the Clown on 01/19/2017 at 7:55 PM

Re: “This Looks Like the Definitive Cleveland RNC Documentary

When and where will it be debuting?

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Posted by Joshua Jones on 01/19/2017 at 6:41 PM

Re: “Here's Cleveland at Night as Seen From the International Space Station

That might explain the color difference. I have LED motion-sensor lights in my yard, and there's also a sodium-vapor street light on my tree lawn. They are completely different...the LEDs are much brighter and whiter light than the street light, which is far more yellow.

chuckles the Clown

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Posted by Chuckles the Clown on 01/19/2017 at 4:20 PM

Re: “A Man Jumped Off the Valley View Bridge This Morning

Prayers to the family such a young man to feel this way God wrap your wings around this family

Posted by justicefor NICOLE on 01/19/2017 at 4:16 PM

Re: “Lawsuit: Willoughby Police Left Woman With Abusive Boyfriend on Night He Murdered Her

Your right paddle it won't bring her back his parents get to celebrate birthdays see him at least 1x a week tell him they love him we on the other hand get to visit a tree on her birthday planted in her honor ...see the blood red wood carving of a domestic violent victim with her date of birth age and date she was murdered by her so called boyfriend ..He received 15 to life ....We lost a life in our hearts we believe if the cops would have done what they were supposed to she would still be here we can only hope that JUDTICE is served its not about the money it's about AWARENESS to save another life

Posted by justicefor NICOLE on 01/19/2017 at 4:08 PM

Re: “If Cleveland Had a Bigger, Better Metro Railway, This is What it Might Look Like

Lee, you are probably well aware of the sad fact that the department stores fled to the suburbs because downtown emptied out for far more complex reasons than the lack of a subway. They were casualties of the Great Migration from the South in the Forties and Fifties (and even earlier, to some extent)...which was followed by the inevitable White Flight.

Same thing happened in other, bigger cities. The only difference is that those cities (like New York and Chicago, just to name two) built up their electrified transit systems much earlier, between 1890 and 1930...before the Depression brought almost all such construction to a halt.

Chuckles the Clown

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Posted by Chuckles the Clown on 01/19/2017 at 4:07 PM



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