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Re: “Yahoo's Katie Couric in Town for 'Cities Rising,' Tours West Side Market

Can anyone in this town find the positive in anything? Someone of national note came and did a positive profile on one of Cleveland's gems, the West Side Market. What should every story on Cleveland focus on the negative and all that's wrong in our city? If every news story focused on the crime and problems of the inner city no one would ever bother to visit downtown or bring business to Cleveland. Enough of the glass half empty crowd that tends to dominate places like this discussion board.

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Posted by cleveland rising on 05/19/2017 at 9:58 PM

Re: “Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Officially Opens in Cleveland this June

It'll just take business away from other places in Cleveland. Only so many people to go around in a city that keeps losing population.

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Posted by Pip Svard on 05/19/2017 at 9:18 PM

Re: “On Endangered Species Day, a Closer Look at the Kirtland's Warbler

Kirtland's Warblers do NOT reside in NW Ohio and southern Michigan during the summer months. The majority breed in Northern Michigan, with a few in Wisconsin and Ontario.

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Posted by kirtlandii on 05/19/2017 at 8:59 PM

Re: “Slavic Village Residents Rage Over Dirt Bike Track: "Nobody Here Wants to Hear it"

August 18th, 2016
Blaine Griffins charge that the basis of complaints about a $2-million dirt bike proposal by his boss are racist is pathetic.
Griffin, at $105,000 a year, heads the citys community relations department.
Thats wonderful thinking for good community relations. Calling people racists.
And its 20 to 30 years out of date.
Theres plenty of real racism to call out without creating straw man issues.
Mayor Frank Jackson wanted the $2 million deal passed quickly. Naturally. Dont look closely at where the money is going or, as a number of council members noted, why pools that needed repairs to be open werent attended. It seems repairing pools in this hot summer would have been a no brainer.
To back up his claim Blaine, also vice chairman of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, in a Face book post question the lack of outrage for millions of dollars for skateboard parks, boat docks, rowing sports and bike trails, though he named none nor their cost.
He conveniently overlooked the hundreds of millions spent by the city and county on pro sports facilities, their parking structures, and improvement costs that add up to a billion dollars at least.
He conveniently didnt mention these other recent and far more expensive subsidiesand not for public purposes but for PRIVATE, MONEY-GRUBBING businesses called sportsLarry Dolans Indians (given $37 million as of May), Dan Gilberts Cavs (given $60 million as of May) and Jimmy Cheat em Haslams Browns. The $2 million track story appeared in the PD the same day as a story in the paper noted Cleveland paid $20 million for another Browns stadium fix-up.
Want to cry about something?
If he really wanted to call out racism he have chased them and the fact that they pay no property taxes, which since their facilities are all in Cleveland, come at the expense of the Cleveland schools primarily, about half of the dollars at least. And thats millions a year that would service mostly black children.
I call that very selective complaining.
But he wouldnt put Mayor Frank Jackson on the spot by calling out that the mayor has his lips sealed for these white billionaires.
The Plain Dealer has been soft as can be on Jackson. Where are the columnists on this? Is the charge of racism not a serious charge?
People tell me that Chris Full-of-himself Quinn is a big fan of Jackson.
Maybe thats why.
How could that be? Even a low blow as a piece on Mayor Michael Whites surgery for hammertoes wasnt too low for Quinn when he covered City Hall.
Quinn elicited this poke by the Scene:
Reporter Christopher Quinn couldnt help but remind readerstwice in one storythat the malady (hammertoes) usually affects middle-aged women after a life of wearing high heels.
What did that mean? Certainly gratuitous.
The PD needs a couple women columnists, the ones out there doing some real journalism, though Im told they get stepped upon when they get too tough on city hall.
Maybe that would spice the dull daily read.
This charge by the citys community relations head and a boss of the county party should be challenged.
Plenty goes unchallenged here.
Theres plenty to bitch about.
The Gateway sin tax cost city and county taxpayers another $8.16 million last month. The County quarter percent tax increase produced for the hotel and convention center another $4.49 million, June 16 to July 16. For a grand total of $31.8 million from city and county residents. The arts & culture cigarette tax produced $2.4 million in July for a total now of $25.6 million.
Theres plenty of dough around for the right people.
No mention by any politician that race has anything to do with these vast expenditures by city and county taxpayers.
The $$$ certainly are not going where most needed. Thats for sure.
By Roldo Bartimole

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Posted by Joe Bialek 1 on 05/19/2017 at 4:44 PM

Re: “12 Ohio Puppy Mills Rank Among the Worst in U.S.

It is criminal that public records are no longer readily available that alert organizations, individuals and media members to criminal behavior.

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Posted by LakeErieSeaGulls on 05/19/2017 at 2:26 PM

Re: “Why Did the United Arab Emirates Just Donate a Soccer Field to CMSD?

Soccer remains inexpensive when it comes to outfitting a youth participant. And if the field can become a hub for clinics, camps and will be a gift that keeps on giving.

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Posted by LakeErieSeaGulls on 05/19/2017 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Welcome to East Cleveland

Nice story, but does anyone know exactly how East Cleveland went from a city that was controlled 100% by whites to becoming controlled 100% by black in 1969? Read the Cleveland Plain Dealer for the true story. All this happened in one election, and there was one person responsible for the peaceful change in the power structure. Do your homework, study your African American history.

Posted by Offie Wortham on 05/19/2017 at 2:11 PM

Re: “4th Annual 'Rooms to Let' Returns to Slavic Village This Weekend

I know this is not going to be a popular statement...but isn't this just putting more garbage in our landfills...all the stuff artists put into these houses that are going to be demolished cant be a good thing...I don't understand what this is supposed to accomplish in a world that is already in an environmental crisis. Lets stop adding to the problem or find a solution to do this without adding more garbage to Mother Earth.

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Posted by Laura Dumm on 05/19/2017 at 2:06 PM

Re: “Why Did the United Arab Emirates Just Donate a Soccer Field to CMSD?

really cheap PR, that's why.

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Posted by growler on 05/19/2017 at 1:15 PM

Re: “Trevor Hall Has Spent His Life Seeking Something — And Writing Songs About His Journey

Sounds to me like your just a "classic white girl" taking a yoga class because its the IN thing. Maybe open your hears and hear his message? Its ok not to like someones music, to each their own, but being nasty about his religion, and path in life..using the words hate? Thats a bit much. Just because someone is white doesnt mean they dont have a right to follow whatever path they feel they belong on. And it doesnt mean its watered down.

Posted by ph214 on 05/19/2017 at 11:46 AM

Re: “It’s Burgertime with Dan Gilbert, Frank Jackson, Marky Mark, and Donnie from New Kids on the Block

Time to go gas up my Detroit built Ford with BP gas from the North Sea to go to Minnesota based Target to buy a Torch made in Mexico so I can go protest an out of state owned freaking burger chain that I would never go to regardless....

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Posted by Patrick Burke on 05/19/2017 at 10:58 AM

Re: “New Bill Proposes $200 Million from State's 'Rainy Day Fund' to Tackle Opiate Addiction Crisis; Kasich Balks

Throwing money at problems never fixes them. See also: Public Schools.

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Posted by Patrick Burke on 05/19/2017 at 10:50 AM

Re: “23-Year-Old Logan Fahey, Former Bloom Bakery GM, to Challenge Kerry McCormack in Ward 3

A sidebar to this election cycle concerns the number of current council members who were initially appointed to the club. It's all about the name game, the power of incumbency, the endless faucet of campaign cash generated through City Hall and allowing the machine to operate without pesky outsiders fairly winning seats at the table....and then asking real questions.

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Posted by LakeErieSeaGulls on 05/19/2017 at 10:32 AM

Re: “23-Year-Old Logan Fahey, Former Bloom Bakery GM, to Challenge Kerry McCormack in Ward 3

I"m totally in support of able, learned and enthusiastic younger people running for public office. It's a big win for the community when bright minds compete.

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Posted by aglazen on 05/19/2017 at 10:10 AM

Re: “Toward Undercurrents: On Regional Leaders, the Media and the Rotten Deal they Cherry-picked Facts to Propagate

Yeah, this piece is extremely in-depth and gives a lot of great details about the Q project. I'm actually not opposed to renovating the Q and making it better. What I am opposed to is letting a bunch of people that are buddy buddy with the Cavs and Gilbert negotiate "on our behalf" on this, then enthusiastically shove this proposal through as an emergency measure. Something big like this should be voted on by the people, until we get a deal that we are happy with. Technically, we don't have to give ANY dollars to the Cavs, so if they want us to play ball then we had better be thrilled with all the benefits we will be getting in return. As of right now, I'm not thrilled, and I want to part of this. I'll be signing the referendum, and then voting "no" when I have the opportunity. Bring me a much better offer for the city, and I'll gladly vote "yes" instead.

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Posted by AdamHall on 05/19/2017 at 9:32 AM

Re: “Crimson & Clover: Cavs Clobber Celtics and Take Their Lucky Charms

Great analysis of the game. Our energy was fantastic and it was an awesome game to watch. I'm expecting a lot of these games to be very close, though, or maybe I just don't realize how far ahead of the celtics we are. Still, the Cavs look like geniuses for getting the #2 seed now. I highly doubt we would have swept the wizards.

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Posted by AdamHall on 05/19/2017 at 9:15 AM
Posted by AdamHall on 05/19/2017 at 9:09 AM
Posted by AdamHall on 05/19/2017 at 9:08 AM

Re: “New Bill Proposes $200 Million from State's 'Rainy Day Fund' to Tackle Opiate Addiction Crisis; Kasich Balks

Spending 10% of 2 billion dollars here, 10% of 2 billion dollars there...before you know it, that 2 billion is gone, you hit a budget shortfall from all the support services you've been writing checks for, and then you have no backup cash. So you go into debt with the hope a future candidate will clean up your mess...

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Posted by AdamHall on 05/19/2017 at 9:07 AM

Re: “County Issues Discipline Against Jail Officers Who Allegedly Misused Police Database to Track Down Supervisor's Ex-Wife's Boyfriend; Possible Criminal Charges Still Await

Oh boy, only 30 suspensions under his belt and we get a demotion? Really? I would love to hear of any other worker that is not police/fire/ems, government, or union that could get suspended 30 times and still have their job. Absolutely amazing.

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Posted by AdamHall on 05/19/2017 at 8:59 AM



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