Friday, July 30, 2010

Matthew Bellamy Has a Message for the Haters on his Facebook Page

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In other Matthew Bellamy updates:

Fox 8 caught up with Matt, the guy who wore the Miami Heat LeBron jersey to the Indians game the other night, for an interview.

The biggest piece of news from the Fox 8 exclusive: Bellamy, who wore a white Heat jersey to the game, wore a red Heat LeBron jersey for the taped interview.


This will conclude Matthew Bellamy coverage for good now. Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fan Wears Miami Heat LeBron Jersey to Indians Game — Words and Video

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By now you probably know that some guy wore a LeBron Miami Heat jersey to the Indians/Yankees game last night.

First, there's no defending the indefensible. Simply put, the guy is an asshole. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

There's perhaps no worse place in America that you could wear a LeBron Heat jersey than the bleachers at Progressive Field during a game against the Yankees. Anywhere else in the stadium and he might not have taken much abuse — sparsely filled sections and families with kids don't really provide the right mix of alcohol and crowd-induced rage to carry an obscene chant. But the bleachers were filled to the brim because of A. Rod's possible 600th home run, and they were filled with the commoners, beer-addled, angry at a lopsided game, and already in midseason form spewing venom at Yankees fans who had invaded The Jake.

It began when the offending party waltzed through the home run plaza. An "asshole" chant broke out immediately.

I was standing on the porch the entire game so I'm not entirely sure what went down when the guy reached his seat in the bleachers, but judging from the events later in the night, it was a lot of the same thing witnessed in the beginning.

Eventually he was escorted out of the stadium by police. Whether this was for fighting, vulgarities, or just being a douche, I have no idea. From the video evidence, it looks like he might not have been sitting in the right seat, or fans weren't letting him sit in the right sit, or he just wanted to try sitting in ten different seats.

I do know that as he was led from the bleachers back to the home run porch and the exit gate, a throng of proud Cleveland fans was right behind him chanting "Fuck LeBron" and "Asshole" the whole way. The crowd gained followers and chanters as they moved section to section and through the porch. Eventually hundreds of fans pressed toward the exit gate as the schmuck was officially removed from the premises, a loud "Asshole" chant echoing into the far reaches of the stadium.

His girlfriend, bedecked in a Grady Sizemore jersey and Indians gear by the way, seemed to be more upset than he was. By the time she was outside, she was in tears and screaming at the cops.

Here are five videos of some of the chanting fun, but first, a word to this fine gentleman: I wouldn't try that at a Browns game. It definitely won't be just some chants then.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Which Current Cavs Player Allegedly Maybe Might Have Told Some Guy on Twitter the Delonte/Gloria Rumors Are True?

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In the latest update to the rumor-y news-ish story that won't end...

@ComedianTheDA posted this update this morning. Who is @ComedianTheDA? I have no idea. Some rudimentary Google searching shows he may or may not work in the Atlanta area.

He also said that, "Cant tell said it, but he also said Lebron slept with Delonte's wife first and Delonte slept with his mother in retaliation," and, "He also said that Delonte was the only one who wouldnt back down to Lebron & that Delonte won when they fought over this."

Yay! for rumor and innuendo on Twitter.

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Bud Shaw Claims Heat More Evil Than Yankees, Receives Swift Mocking from Miami

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Bud Shaw thinks the Miami Heat are more evil than the New York Yankees. He also believes that tofu is more delicious than pork. He is wrong on both accounts. It doesn't even merit a thoughtful or reasoned response since everyone, except Bud Shaw that is, can agree that the Yankees are infinitely more evil than the Heat.

Instead, we'll just point you toward the Miami New Times' take down of the article, written by one Gus Garcia-Roberts. Gus just happened to be a Scene staffer for a couple years before sojourning to Miami in search of a sun and fun. For the record, the Miami New Times is more evil than Scene.

Anyway, Gus has just the right response for Bud:

What Bud said: "What it did in effect was take the late George Steinbrenner's team-stacking recipe and spice it with pure conceit."

What Bud Means: Holding a celebration for fans after the team secured three of the best players in the NBA [eds. note: while keeping the payroll to the same level as every other team in the league] was really mean. Even more mean than that baseball team from New York [eds. note: which has a payroll currently $70 million higher than the next-most expensive team in the MLB] that always absconded with our good players because our general manager practices a bootleg version of Moneyball.

Uh... George Steinbrenner! Web hits!

What Bud said: "There was James, who cashed his chips here with the Boston series still in progress, predicting the Heat would win multiple titles. Six, seven, eight. He couldn't decide."

What Bud means: I haven't eaten solid foods in three weeks. Is it possible to die from bitterness?

What Bud said: "Miami is the new SuperTeam in sports, which might be good for NBA ratings and road attendance but not much else." ... "James, Wade and Bosh together is good for them, good for the Heat and terrible for the league."

What Bud means: Let's face it: It's bad for me... and my poodle Darlene, who I only feed on days that a Cleveland sports team wins, because I am a bitter, bitter, man.

Make sure you read the whole thing, if just to find out what happens to Darlene.

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Cavs' New Court Design is Cartoonishly Bad

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What the hell?

The Cavs officially unveiled the tweaks to their logos awhile back. Now comes the court design update, which is... well, bad.

Why include the swords? Two of them, sans context, as if the freaking sword was the single defining visual landmark of the Cavaliers. And why'd they go with the secondary logo lettering? I like it just fine by itself, but not with the swords. Leave the name across center court with no basketball, no swords, no accoutrements, and you'd have a simple design. More is not better.

Add in the fact that the center court design — especially those freaking swords — is garishly big and you have a giant step backward, the Ramon Sessions of court designs if you will.

Of course, part of the problem is the redesigned logo itself, which now looks like it was outlined in yellow highlighter.

But it's not like screwing up the court design is anything new to the Cavs. Just have a gander through the various betrayals of common sense and aesthetics over on this page and you'll get a good sense of how they've been doing this for years.

This one may not be the worst, but it's still dispiriting to see them pass up an opportunity to make something better.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

"King James Who?" — God

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NEO Church has used the LeBron hoopla to help get the word out about its ministries. Little signs have been popping up around town invoking King James.

If the advertising works and you head over to the church's website, you'll see lots of offerings, including this:


So yeah, there's that.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chili's Offering Free Desserts to Sad Cavs Fans

Posted By on Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 2:57 PM

LeBron might be a poor tipper, but he is making Chilis some serious dough
  • LeBron might be a poor tipper, but he is making Chili's some serious dough

Ever since Steve Carell announced during his spoof of "The Decision" at this year's ESPYs that he would be taking his appetite away from Chili's and over to Outback Steakhouse, Chili's has taken this PR opportunity and ran with it.

First it was the humorous letter written by Chili's president Wyman T. Roberts in similar fashion to that of Dan Gilbert's, and now the restaurant is taking things a step further. On July 23, five participating Chili's locations will be giving away one free "Sweet Shot" dessert per entree ordered to comfort us depressed Cavaliers fans following LeBron's departure. Chili's in Akron, North Olmsted, Macedonia, Boardman and Canton will all be participating in the giveaway.

Chili's will also be delivering party platters to Cleveland Cavaliers employees on the same day. So if you want to thank LeBron for one thing, let that be free food. Free Chalupas and now free Chili's. — Jordan Zirm

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