Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video: Indians Fan Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby

Posted By on Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 9:34 AM

During the first tilt of yesterday's doubleheader, and foul ball went up to the mezzanine level and bounced off an empty seat and up in the air, toward the railing and the field.

Our talented father, baby in one hand, grabbed the ball with the other.

Yes, he was in the first row, next to the railing, and was dangerously close to having a Michael Jackson moment at the game. But he didn't. Instead he's a hero and lands on SportsCenter. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Announcing: The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive for the Homeless (Updated)

Posted By on Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Patches: A Miami-area homeless man and unofficial spokesman for The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive.
  • Patches: A Miami-area homeless man and unofficial spokesman for The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive.

Update: A little incentive for you all. Miami New Times has graciously donated a pair of tickets to the Cavs vs. Heat game in Miami on December 15th. The person who drops off the most LeBron gear before our deadline (October 11) will get them. Yes, the tickets are for a game in Miami, but we really don't care if you go or if you sell them. In fact, similar tickets to these (Section 114, Row 29) are going for close to $200 on StubHub. So sell away if you'd like.

Bring us your stuff and the tickets could be yours.


Previous efforts by a certain group to collect the unwanted LeBron jerseys, shirts, and assorted paraphernalia of Clevelanders to donate to Miami homeless shelters are unsuccessful at this point, thwarted by politics in Miami.

We think that's simply not cool, and as one intrepid Miami reporter discovered last week, the homeless of Miami totally want Cleveland's LeBron-related stuff. And they should have it.

So, Scene's partnering up with Miami New Times for a drive of our own. And we're not going through official channels or dealing with those uninterested in clothing the downtrodden of South Florida in the finest of wine and gold threads.

Here's our promise: Donate your stuff to The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive and we'll personally make sure your formerly cherished items are given directly to a person of need in Miami. No, really. The good folks at Miami New Times will distribute the collection themselves.

We know you were too lazy to donate or burn your stuff this summer. It's still sitting in your closet, or a box, and we want it. Please.

Just drop your stuff off at Scene's offices (1468 W. 9th St., Suite 805, Cleveland, OH) by October 11, and we'll get it down to Miami. The office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. (If those hours are an issue or you'd like to ship your stuff, email me and we'll figure something out:

No joke, folks. We want your LeBron jerseys, shirts, sweatshirts, shoes — whatever you want to give up. And we'll get it down to Miami for you and hand it personally to someone who would love nothing more than to wear your orange No. 23 gear.

Pass it on.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Few Things on's Imminent Sports Radio Project

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If you've stumbled upon this page, you know is in the midst of launching something called the Digital Sports Network.

(There's also this page, which is only slightly more clear about their plans, and includes some blogs of various quality and such.)

WKNR has long been the only sports radio option in town, at least on terrestrial radio. For various reasons — quality, choice, etc. — it's a good thing for them to have a competitor, especially one backed by the power and money of, even if we're just talking about internet radio (and, I'm assuming, podcasts, video, probably some broadcasting of high school games, etc.)

So what is the Digital Sports Network? And when is it launching?

The answers aren't abundantly clear, but here's what I know.

The project isn't just that of; it's a partnership effort. Who the other entities are, where all the money is coming from, and who ultimately is in control — I have no idea.

Though anyone in the media — as well as your local sports bloggers — are well aware of some of the parameters and principles, no one likes to talk on the record. Denise Polverine, Editor-in-Chief at, told me today that they'll be able to talk about the project more specifically later in the week.

I've heard they're aiming for 17 hours of original programming every day, which is a lot. That sort of time commitment means they need talking heads to spout their glorious Cleveland sports knowledge and opinions.

As for who those people are, Daryl Ruiter was recently hired by Digital Sports Network and will be leaving WKNR. I've also been told Les Levine is in the fold in some respect, probably as the big-name host. Greg Kozarik will be the Program Director. He also lists "host" on his Twitter profile.

It's encouraging that someone is stepping up to offer another option in local sports talk, and if they're hiring talent like Ruiter and paying them full-time salaries, I have to believe there's some actual money behind the project. Done well, and with the reach of's audience, which is quite sizeable, there's a legitimate chance the Digital Sports Network might actually reach an audience.

The rest of the roster that Cleveland will be listening to, whether the PD's sports writers will be encouraged or required to lend their knowledge to shows, and the answers to more questions will have to wait until at least later this week.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cavs' Sweater Vest T-Shirt Giveaway

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The Cavs are going to have to be mighty creative when it comes to attracting fans to The Q next year.

Consider this a good start.

The Cavs Sweater Vest T-Shirt. Why not, right? A little nod to Ohio State and Coach Sweater Best can't be wrong.

All fans at the November 16th game will get one of these dandy formal but casual beauties.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Browns Fans Spell As Well As the Team Plays

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Pastor Uses LeBron's Decision as Teaching Moment

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How well he did so is up to you.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Manny Acta Doesn't Want Instant Replay

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This is usually the sort of news I wouldn't bother posting here, but it seems fitting to me that since we have an anachronistic baseball beat writer covering the team that we have an anachronistic manager leading it.

Too perfect.

Manny Acta probably also agrees with Hoynes that the Cy Young should be based on wins and wins only.

Here's Jayson Stark talking
about his poll of managers around baseball and how Acta was one of only two that said that they don't want instant replay.

So while we've never been mistaken for Zogby International around here, we did our best. We were able to survey 24 of baseball's 30 managers on replay. And here's what we found:

• They're in favor of it — heavily. Of the two dozen managers who responded, 18 were open to expanded replay in some form, only two (Cleveland's Manny Acta and Arizona's Kirk Gibson) were opposed, and the other four said they preferred to no-comment their way through this minefield.

• Most said they would prefer a system in which either an umpire in a booth or a replay official at MLB headquarters decided which plays to review.

• But several — including Bochy — said they would favor a manager-challenge system similar to the one tried this year at the Little League World Series.

• There was almost unanimous sentiment for using either replay or some other technology to get fair/foul calls right.

• And most, but not all, of the managers who were willing to get specific favored using replay, in some form, for calls at all four bases.

"I just want to get it right," said Bochy, the man who started all this. "It's OK to lose a game if the other team beats you. But if you lose a game because a call goes against you, it's hard to sleep at night."

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