7/6: Subhumans at Now That's Class

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Only a British punk band would be crass enough to call themselves Subhumans when they’re actually one of the most intelligent and musically thoughtful groups to emerge in the wake of punk’s supposed demise. It doesn’t really matter if the moniker is ironic or snot-nosed rabble-rousing; it stands in contrast to and perfectly encapsulates the band’s sound. While Subhumans’ music is finely honed, it’s also sonically reductive, taking punk and reggae cues and distilling them to essentials that always sound best in the moment. Their songs are full of sweat and grit, like the sound of dozens of sweaty bodies slamming together. Lacking the reflective tendencies of some of their influences, the band’s records can be hit or miss, but that’s never really the point. Following a direct continuum with punk’s original ethos, Subhumans play music for confrontation and for community. If you want to be spit on and embraced at the same time, they’re more than willing to oblige. Witch Hunt, the Episode and the Ray Gradys open at 9 p.m. at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216.221.8576). — Hall

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