A World Without Whoppers

What would you do if you walked into Burger King, ordered a Whopper, and were told that the 670-calorie pile of joy had been discontinued? That’s exactly what Henry Alex-Rubin, director of the documentary “Murderball,” wanted to know when he made “Whopper Freakout.” In the 7-minute film, Alex-Rubin and his crew show real customers ordering Whoppers, only to be told that the burger has been discontinued. People’s reactions range from asking for a manager to full on panic attacks. Clips from the film have been featured in recent BK commercials, making the public wonder if these scenes are really real. While the discontinuation of the Whopper is a hoax – the reactions of customers are 100 percent bona fide. “We’re not doing this to be mean,” Alex-Rubin says in the film. “We’re doing this to prove a point.” But what that point is is anyone’s guess. Is it that a world without Whoppers is a really sad place? Or that we’re really sad people for being so devoted to a hamburger. – Denise Grollmus
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