Cracking Nuts

Psychologist connects your soul to your private parts.

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The secret to the "soul's code" may be found in an acorn, according to psychologist James Hillman, who's in town tonight to discuss his theories. The author of The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling believes our lives are determined by an imprinted image of the soul — sorta like a giant oak tree can find its future wrapped up in an acorn. Hillman will clarify as part of the Cleveland Institute of Art's Dreamweaver lecture series.

But don't be scared off by all this mystic mumbo-jumbo. There's a direct line to your johnson buried in the philosophy. Students have dug deep into Hillman's analogy, citing an acorn's resemblance to a penis and the genetic code found within. Heady stuff, indeed.

But hold on. Hillman also believes that children select their own parents. "[Kids] are trying to live two lives at once," says Hillman. "The entire image of a destiny is packed into a tiny acorn." Nutty!
Sat., Jan. 21, 4 p.m.

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