Feel the Burn

A metal trio pulls the plug for acoustic night at the Spider..

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The three women in Burning Sage blend goth vocals with heavy-metal arrangements. Tonight, however, drummer Sue Balaschak and guitarist Lin Sanders will perform an acoustic set without bassist Lucy Marquez. Still, Marquez plans to be there, dancing onstage to some of the songs from the local group's latest CD, Unveiled. Balaschak says she relies on African and Native American drumming to create a "Mother Earth intensity" to the music. "In the full band, I channel that universal energy through me with the electric guitars," she says. "I throw that out there into the audience. With hand-drumming, it's more grounded. It's a more hippie, nurturing, healing kind of intensity."
Tue., Aug. 29, 8:30 p.m.

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