It's Official: We Like Booze

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Jackie Riley and Kristy Sabo can share plenty of war stories as bartenders at O'Donnell's weekly $2 Tuesdays. As a late-night server, Riley (pictured right) rarely gets to see family and friends; working the happy-hour shift, Sabo (left) contends with patrons who may have ogled her naked body in a low-rent horror flick she made while living in Hollywood in 2001. And many of the pair's tales come courtesy of the Tuesday deal in which every cocktail — except for a $3 Monster energy drink — costs a mere two bucks.

Foremost among the horror stories is the one about a lawyer who discovered Sabo's The CampusHouse.Com performance while buzzing around websites at 3 in the morning. Playing a college student whose throat is slashed as she steps out of the shower, she slumps to the floor, lifeless . . . and topless. "He had a still of the scene on his cell phone," sighs Sabo, who ventured to the West Coast for two years to pursue acting and modeling. She adds, "When I bartended in L.A., everybody was into this healthy lifestyle. I think only six people drank out there. Cleveland — this city loves to drink."

Riley agrees. For a year and a half, the Lakewood native has been pushing the two-buck specials, including martinis and a spicy-hot Bloody Mary. "I always think the owners started [this special] so I can keep the cash register straight," laughs Riley, who's also a substitute teacher in Lakewood and Westlake. "It's not hard to keep track of $2."
Tuesdays, 3 p.m.-2:30 a.m., 2006

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