Joe P's take on the Cavs (so far)

David Wesley gets the early nod as the Cav's most entertaining player
Checked out the Cavs-Bulls at The Q last night, and made several important observations, most of which concern the new pleather outfits of the Cavaliers Girls. However, I also found time to make some observations about the actual players, although some of those also concern the dance team. Cut me some slack; it's a long season. 1. David Wesley is hilarious. When the players are doing dunks during their lay-up lines, Wesley, who probably can't dunk, flies to the rim and purposely gets hung, or pretends like he's going to break off a nasty dunk, then does a fancy lay-up. Very middle school, and very awesome — and his teammates love it. During timeouts, when Mike Brown is strategizing and whatnot, Wesley watches the Cavs Girls. It's the pleather, I guess. During last night's game, he watched an entire routine. And after the game, he dressed down a ball boy for bringing him a salad with onions. Somehow, this was hilarious. Even the ballboy thought so. 2. Turns out a lot of players watch the in-game entertainment stuff. I read about this in a story by Paul Shirley, an NBA journeyman who used to write a pretty decent diary for Shirley says players love "kiss cam" and all that; he says they watch it during timeouts instead of listen to Coach Whoever diagram plays they already know. I figured he was exaggerating, but if you watch the Cavs, at least two or three of them have their eyes glued to the jumbotron at any point during the game. 3. The NBA season is long. I realize this is something like proclaiming that Evangeline Lilly is hot, but Dear God does it ever end? It feels like the school year did: you get really excited about the first day (and beat the Wizards), and you're still kind of into it on Day 2 (so you smoke the Spurs). Then you realize your math teacher's a total bitch (lose to the Bobcats), and by Day 4 you're already skipping out (seriously, the Hawks?). Every once in a while, when there's a rally or something, you get pumped again (and beat the Bulls). But for the most part, you're just waiting for summer. 4. It sucks to be Sasha Pavlovic. Not really, of course; I can think of shittier ways to make a living, and as Yugoslavians go, he's got it pretty good. But what does suck is this: not long after Pavlovic finished one his best career games (16 points, six rebounds), he emerged from the shower ready to get dressed and go home. It was past 11 o'clock. But when he stepped out, he remembered: his locker is next to LeBron's. Which means that approximately 47 reporters had swarmed around LeBron's locker to record his every cliche. And even though there's an empty locker between LeBron's and Pavlovic's, the reporters easily spilled two lockers over, into Pavlovic's space. He stood there for a second; I sort of hoped he'd just shove some reporters out of the way and start changing, yelling something like, "I scored 16 points damn it!." But he just walked back into the shower area, and didn't come back out for at least 15 minutes. Seventy-seven games to go. — Joe P. Tone
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