Last King of Scotland

Van Wiler: Now that's acting!
Movie Reviews by The Douchebag Sitting Behind You: Last King of Scotland First of all, somebody needs to explain why this movie is called Last King of Scotland. I was, like, totally pumped for some Braveheart ass-kicking, maybe some chicks with hot accents. Hell, I wore my damn kilt to the movie, which the kids at Crocker Park did not appreciate. But five minutes into the movie, the one damn Scotlandite packs up his shit and moves to freakin' Africa! The director obviously changed his mind about what kind of movie to make. So why couldn't he take the time to change the damn title? Did he think America wasn't ready for a movie called Last King of Whatever Shithole this Movie was About? By the way, we're not. This thing blew. It reminded me of some shit I'd pass on the nature channel, only with way less boobage. Basically, it's about this general who becomes the president of Africa, which, by the way, seems like a pretty sweet gig. The dude's got, like, 12 wives, and they're all pretty bangin'. He also throws parties with lots of booze and naked chicks running around. But if I wanted to see people get drunk and jump in the pool, I'd pop in my DVD of Real World: Hawaii. At least that's got Teck in it. If you've seen Van Wiler, than you know: That guy can act! Although, I have to admit, Idi Amin, the dude who plays African president Forrest Whitaker, is pretty awesome.
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