Meet Your New Spokeswoman in the Fight to Cure Autism: Jenny McCarthy

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Jenny McCarthy -- a long ways from "The Jenny McCarthy Show."
Jenny McCarthy has joined the chorus of mothers wondering if there is a link between autism and common childhood vaccines (“Raising Joshua,” November 15). In an appearance on Oprah this week, the actress, known more for her boobs than her parenting skills, talked about how her son Evan changed after getting vaccinated. "Right before his MMR shot, I said to the doctor, 'I have a very bad feeling about this shot. This is the autism shot, isn't it?'” she says. “And he said, 'No, that is ridiculous. It is a mother's desperate attempt to blame something,' and he swore at me, and then the nurse gave [Evan] the shot. And I remember going, 'Oh, God, I hope he's right.' And soon thereafter—boom—the soul's gone from his eyes." Like many parents who’ve tried unconventional methods in response to autism, McCarthy says changing Evan’s diet improved his language skills and his ability to show affection. She also used videos to teach him how to play. While acknowledging that these methods won’t work for everyone, McCarthy has become a spokeswoman for Talk About Curing Autism, an organization that considers the disorder to be treatable. -- Lisa Rab
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