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This week’s top arts and entertainment picks around town, from the guy who’s paid to pick them: Monday: The International Women’s Air & Space Museum’s Rock ’N Barrel Rolls: Women in Aerobatics takes a look at wing-walking, loop-the-looping ladies. The exhibit features photos, memorabilia, and documents that chart the evolution of skirt-wearing daredevils over the past 100 years. Tuesday: More than 800 sets of salt-and-pepper shakers are on display in the Massillon Museum’s Shake, Shake, Shake -- a folksy exhibit that’s part Americana, part functional art, and part old-lady curio. The pieces -- which are made out of plastic, wood, and glass -- span the 20th century, and they’re shaped like fruits, vegetables, animals, musical instruments . . . pretty much anything you’d find around the house. Wednesday: Dinosaurs Alive!, the Great Lakes Science Center’s latest IMAX film, features lots of winged and feathered velociraptors, protoceratops, and seismosauruses. They build nests, take care of their young, and fight other cool dinosaurs on the big-ass screen. Roar! Thursday: New York’s Crimson Sweet sounds like any number of the Amerindie bands that came out of the scene in the ’80s. Buzzing guitars, chewy hooks, and singer Polly Watson’s seamless switch from ethereal tones to gut-rattling screams reflect a time when amp-strewn warehouses and garages -- not Pro Tools in the basement -- set the DIY standard. And in classic post-punk fashion, the band isn’t on the road promoting a full album -- just a recently released seven-inch single, “Wired for the Last Move.” They perform at Now That’s Class. Friday: On her latest album, Sing You Sinners, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter Erin McKeown plays a dozen Tin Pan Alley and Broadway songs written between the 1930s and ’50s. But unlike Rod Stewart’s reworking of standards, McKeown’s doesn’t suck. She’s at the Winchester. --Michael Gallucci

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