Municipal Waste: What a Waste

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Muni Waste: Just an off night?
If you love '80s crossover like we love '80s crossover, Municipal Waste gets you geeked like few other bands have since 1986. The Virginia metal-hardcore fusion squad was in town Tuesday, October 17, opening for Gwar and the Red Chord at House of Blues. Our man on the scene says the band's live performance didn't exactly recreate the infectious thrashing on display on 2005's must-have Hazardous Mutation LP: Man! You are gonna be sooo bummed out! Not that you missed the show, but what I have to report. We get there a little after 6:30, then get a drink and await Municipal Waste! They take the stage, play the first cut off the new album ["Intro/Death Ripper"] -- it was cool. Then they go into songs like "Waste 'em All," then "Unleash the Bastards" kind of killing it, then they jump into "Thrashing Is My Business and Business Is Good." Some old cuts, they were good, but mehhhh . . . ABSOLUTELY NO AGRESSION! The drummer Dave Witte -- I'm sorry, but he sucks! He doesn't hit hard. I was bummed, and we just kept shaking our heads. I can't even listen to their album anymore. They were horrible! Not very tight at all! I was super-bummed. I loved that record, but live, they can't pull it off. Maybe we caught an off night or something, but it was lame. I listened to Exodus' Bonded by Blood on the way home. At least that cheered me up -- real thrash metal! I had fun despite the lameness. Sorry to piss on them, but you would have too, believe me. -- Bumbed

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