New Kids in Town

Look out, Elvis -- snot-nosed punks are taking over the Rock Hall.

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After years of catering to graying rock fans, whose idea of new music is the latest Bob Dylan album, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is opening its doors to a bunch of young punks. Warped: 12 Years of Music, Mayhem, and More (which opens today) chronicles the first dozen years of the annual DIY punk caravan, which has included everybody from No Doubt to My Chemical Romance. “There are a lot of bands we never dealt with before,” says Jim Henke, the Rock Hall’s chief curator. “And like the best rock and roll, the Warped Tour isn’t just about the music. It goes beyond that. It’s about the culture.”

@cal body 1:The exhibit includes one of Good Charlotte’s guitars, a jacket worn onstage by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and the Bouncing Souls’ set list. Bands like New Found Glory, Rancid, and Taking Back Sunday are also represented. “We’re trying to tell the stories of these different bands,” says Henke. “A lot of them have developed what the current tastes are in rock and roll.”

The idea for the memorabilia-stuffed exhibit was hatched between Henke and Warped’s organizers. Much of it came together during the tour’s stop in Cleveland last year. “A lot of the bands brought stuff by and got the ball rolling,” says Henke. “They were all really excited about it.” This is the perfect time to pay tribute, he adds, because the cross-country summer road trip is at the peak of its influence. “It’s such an important vehicle in breaking bands,” he says. “They really tapped into something.”

After Warped wraps up Labor Day weekend, all of the items will be packed away until 2031, by which time My Chem fans will be gray-haired themselves. “These bands brought the punk spirit back,” says Henke. “It’s good for us to introduce our visitors to these groups.”
Jan. 27-Sept. 3, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

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