Pink Flamingos at Cedar Lee: If it’s banned in Norway, it has to be good, right?

The first Saturday of every month, Cedar Lee Theatre plays a different cult flick at 9:30 and midnight. It’s their “Cult Film Series,” and it probably wouldn’t be complete without John Waters’ 1972 film Pink Flamingos. Flamingos is known to be one of the nastiest, strangest films this side of the critically acclaimed Two Girls One Cup, and at least one of its scenes bears a striking resemblance to that Brazilian poop porno. Get ready for live-chicken-crushing sex scenes, singing anuses, and pregnant women enslaved by a baby peddling ring cutting off a guy’s balls. Bring your grandma! For every cult screening, Cedar Lee throws in a different quirky promo. This time, they’re offering a “special prize” to the “filthiest person in Cleveland.” The manager at the theatre claimed ignorance, so if you’re wondering what qualifies as “filthy,” you’ll just have to show up in your favorite brand of excrement and hope for the best. And while we usually embed Youtube videos with these Cedar Lee blogs, the cleanest one we found for Flamingos included the eating of fresh dog crap, so we decided to go with the still image. You’ll thank us later. – Gus Garcia-Roberts
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