Playing It Safe

Classical group makes music for peaceniks.

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When the Artemis Quartet performs in Shaker Heights tonight, it’s not just giving listeners an earful of solid classical music. It’s also making the world a bit safer. “You wouldn’t do this if there wasn’t this reward,” says cellist Eckart Runge. “To touch people, to communicate, to reach people -- so they won’t go out and kill each other. This profession gives so much back.”

The Berlin ensemble's four musicians reinvent classical music for modern audiences. Their widely acclaimed CDs include tunes by Brahms, Mozart, and Verdi. Runge credits their success to their tight relationship. “It’s like a marriage,” he says. “The things we work on are so emotional.”

Tonight’s program includes Anton Webern’s Five Pieces and Six Bagatelles, as well as works by Artemis’ beloved Brahms. “We want people to get goose bumps,” says Runge. “We want to make then shiver, make them happy, make them cry. All emotions.”
Fri., Feb. 9, 7:30 p.m.

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