Savage Love: At the Palace

I had a blast hosting Savage Lovecast Live at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. Audience members submitted questions before the show, and I consumed a large pot edible right after the curtain went up and then raced to give as much decent sex advice as I could before it took effect. Here are some of the questions I didn't get to before my judgment became too impaired to operate a sex-and-relationship-advice podcast.

Dear Dan,

I've been on the dating apps a while. What's up with serial first daters?

Back when people primarily met at parties, bars, clubs, etc., we established baseline physical/chemical attraction before learning someone's name and long before a first date. (We eyeballed 'em, we said hello, we made a moment's small talk.) With apps, however, we can't establish baseline physical/chemical attraction until our first face-to-face meeting—until after that "first date," which itself comes after we've swapped flirty messages, sent additional pics, and made a plan to meet. Since apps mean more "first dates," it feels like we're meeting a lot more "serial first daters" these days. We aren't—it's just that now we have to meet up with people to eyeball 'em, say hello, and make small talk. Don't think of that first meeting with someone you met via an app as a "first date," think of it as the preinterview before the first date.

Dear Dan,

What is the appropriate amount of side boob?

This is outside my area of expertise/giving a shit. So I'm going to pass this question on to Tim Gunn. I'll let you know what Tim has to say should he respond.

Dear Dan,

My best friend is in a relationship with a really jealous, controlling guy. He guilt-trips her constantly and gets passive-aggressively mad whenever she tries to hang out with people besides him. When she complains about him, I want to say fuck him, he's a dick, except... she's having a full-on affair with another guy and seems not to feel bad about it! I don't know what advice to give or how to make sense of the situation. What's my responsibility to her? To her boyfriend?

Maybe your best friend's boyfriend is jealous and controlling because he senses—or because he knows—his girlfriend is cheating on him. Or maybe it didn't occur to your best friend to cheat on her boyfriend until after he accused her of cheating for the millionth time—maybe she figured she might as well commit the crime since she was already being punished for it. Or maybe they're both terrible people who deserve each other and neither is your responsibility.

Dear Dan,

My partner and I are a straight couple in our 20s/30s. We're curious about straight PDA in gay bars. She feels it should be kept to a minimum, but a little is okay. He feels it shouldn't happen, as it may make people uncomfortable. Thoughts?

I think this is something you and your opposite-sex partner should discuss over drinks in one of the thousands of straight bars in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dear Dan,

I feel like all my friends resent me for getting married. How do I make them feel less insecure about my new relationship?

Ask yourself which is likelier: All of your friends—every single one of them—are so petty and insecure that they resent you for getting married or you were a megalomaniacal bride-or-groom-or-nonbinary-zilla and behaved so atrociously that you managed to piss off all your friends? If it's the (less likely) former, make better friends. If it's the (more likely) latter, make amends.

Dear Dan,

We are two lesbians in our 20s and ready to start a family. Will you be our sperm donor?


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