New club goes for a Vegas vibe, without the pesky gambling.

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Silk owner Roger Loecy says his new nightclub is a lot like a Las Vegas casino, but without the slot machines. It opens tonight in the spot next to Shooters, his flagship bar. After Jillian’s pool hall shuttered last year, Loecy bought the space and installed a dance floor, patio, and 15 wide-screen TVs. He also put in five special bars, each serving only one kind of drink (tequila, martinis, or champagne). “You won’t even know it’s the same place,” says marketing manager Stephanie Capellas.

A second-floor area connects two VIP rooms that overlook a stage and dance floor. Vegas DJ Justin Hoffman breaks in the turntables this weekend. Patrons can even order “bottle service kits” -- featuring vodka, juice, and a doughnut-shaped ice mold -- so they can mix their own drinks. “It’s a really beautiful presentation,” says Capellas. “People will look at it and go, ‘Ooh -- I want something like that.’” Capellas hopes the club -- which will be open on Friday and Saturday nights -- will be Flats fans’ no. 1 destination in the cooler months. “Shooters is always packed during the summer,” she says. “Silk will continue that party tradition into the fall and winter.”
Thu., Aug. 23, 9 p.m.-2:30 a.m.

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