Teen abstinence program sponsors a sex movie

Last week, C-Notes caught an early preview of Knocked Up, the new Judd Apatow movie with Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, due out June 1. The film depicts Allison (Heigl), a rising E! entertainment reporter, who heads out to celebrate her promotion to on-air reporter. She might have celebrated a bit too much, however — eight weeks after the festivities, she's pregnant. The father (Rogan) is a pot-loving slacker whose primary goal in life is to create a website that lists the exact moment A-list actresses bare their breasts in popular films. Apatow, director of 40 Year Old Virgin, keeps the movie filled with the same humor that made his last flick so popular, but he's also created a picture that appeals to females' need for emotional satisfaction. But the funniest part about the preview was the sponsor: a teen abstinence program. After watching the actors talk about sex for 132 minutes, moviegoers were handed brochures touting the glory of delaying sex till marriage. — Rebecca Meiser
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