Best Of 2000

Best New Club: The Beachland

An old Croatian social hall that co-owners Mark Leddy and Cindy Barber have transformed into a concert venue, the Beachland has already attained a reputation as an artist-friendly venue since opening in March. In just a few months, the club has started to attract bigger and better bands, among them Guided by Voices, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, and Pere Ubu, while staying true to the local rock scene. With two rooms -- a spacious ballroom and a small tavern -- the Beachland can host a variety of shows on different scales. While there are plans to renovate the venue and get the kitchen operating, Leddy and Barber hope to keep its character intact -- the jukebox that plays old 45s from Leddy's collection and the posters of B-movies surprisingly mesh perfectly with the murals of ethnic peasants.

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