Best Of 2000

Best Regional CD: Cobra Verde, Nightlife

Reviewed in publications such as Rolling Stone, Village Voice, L.A. Times, TimeOut NY, and Alternative Press, Nightlife got more national exposure than any other release by a Cleveland band. And for good reason. Between the theremin theatrics of Chas Smith and the crowd-provoking tactics of singer John Petkovic, Cobra Verde has two of the best frontmen in town. Sounding like a cross between Roxy Music and Brian Eno, Nightlife has all the flavor of classic rock and roll without sounding too obviously retro. Regional tours with Mike Watt, Matthew Sweet, and the Makers have given the group followings in a variety of cities, and the band, which is busy writing songs for an album it expects to have out in the spring, will tour the East Coast and the South with Mike Watt in October.

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