Best Of 2000

Best Shoe Repair: Custom Shoes

Can't bring yourself to throw away those super-comfy sandals or perfectly broken-in pumps, even though they're worn, torn, or falling apart? Wish there were some trustworthy tread on those gorgeous boots you just couldn't resist -- the ones with the paper-thin soles? Have we got the shoe doctor for you! A Lakewood landmark for 40 years, this modest, one-woman operation regularly tackles restorations that bigger, glitzier establishments refuse to attempt, turning out miraculous transformations that will give you hundreds of extra miles on your favorite footwear -- and at a price lower than you'd pay to replace the irreplaceable. While you're rooting through your closet for all those best-beloveds, don't forget that leather jacket with the torn pocket or the cowhide handbag that needs new straps. If it's made of leather, there's hope for it here. If you're looking for an almost-vanished old-world skill and pride in workmanship, join the folks from Ashtabula to Sandusky who gladly make the pilgrimage to this little shop. You'll discover that the results can be nothing short of amazing when a dedicated craftswoman walks her talk.

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