Best Of 2000

Best Wielder of an Electrified Needle: Jean Adkins

Electrologist Jean Adkins has had her share of famous clients. "Mostly local personalities," she says, "and they'd kill me if I said their names." It turns out that Greater Clevelanders (women and men) from all walks of life have sought her expertise in banishing those stubborn hairs from places on the body that, well, don't look great with hair. Faces (women's), feet, the (ahem) bikini line. Adkins has been there and done that. She works hard to be as gentle as possible -- quite a challenge when destroying hair roots using an electric current. "Some parts of the body are just more sensitive than others," says Adkins. "Women's eyes always tear up when I do their upper lip." The most sensitive spot on men? Adkins shudders: "Their ears!"