Best Of 2001

Best Sunday Brunch Buffet: The Oasis

Where better to indulge a taste for the exquisite than at the renowned Cleveland Museum of Art? Here, amid the glass and marble, one can nourish the soul with 5,000 years of fabulous artwork -- anything from a Jackson Pollock to a collection of Egyptian amulets. And then, when the soul is sated, one can take the taste buds to the museum's lower-level Oasis Room for an elegant Sunday brunch buffet. The space itself is as pretty as a picture, with white linens, fresh flowers, and trompe l'oeil walls that evoke visions of exotic climes. As for the refined selection of dainties, typical offerings range from smoked seafood to entrées like lemon-pepper fettuccine and thick slices of prime roast beef. Made-to-order omelets are beautifully paired with baked brown-sugar-and-pecan-rubbed bacon; malted vanilla waffles perfume the air. In a land filled with Elvises on velvet, it's good to relish the finer things in life.

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