Best Of 2001

Best Place for People-Watching: Northwest corner of East Ninth Street and Euclid Avenue

Urban legend has it that the intersection of East Ninth and Euclid is the place to watch skirts fly (something about wind currents created by skyscrapers near a big lake). Women come around the corner and -- whoosh -- there it is. But whether the phenomenon is real or mere wishful thinking, this corner has a lot going for it when it comes to people-watching. The granite square in front of National City Center has all the right props: two rows of paper boxes, a bus stop, pay phones, a kiosk with a city map in it, and a hot-dog stand. The opportunities to see something funny (mustard on the tie, fingers in the paper box) are legion. And finally, the impatiens boxes on the square are a perfect place to sit and stare unobtrusively. The trees overhead and the big silvery sculpture in front provide enough cover for even the shyest onlooker to sit back and wait for the whoosh.