Best Of 2001

Best Place to Make a Childhood Memory: Memphis Kiddie Park

What Cedar Point is to 17-year-old prom-goers, Kiddie Park is to the 6-and-under set. Generations of Clevelanders have ridden the painted horses of the carousel, hanging on for dear life while fighting brutal centrifugal force. A boat or train ride provides the stomach a good break before you board the spinning car ride (where you can hear real screams of terror from the tykes who chose the cars that spin too fast). And then there's the Little Dipper, the Great-Granddaughter of All Roller Coasters. After two or three times around the track (the ride operators can be very generous), the same four-year-old who was screaming on every molehill skips off the ride, smiling: "Can we get some cotton candy now?"