Best Of 2002

Best Outdoor Dining (West Side): Fox & Crow

Thanks to our unpredictable weather, Clevelanders spend entirely too little time outside. No doubt that's why, once summer arrives, we will wait in line to dine at tables set on dusty little patches of concrete or on the edges of noisy streets. Of course, this is "outdoor" dining only in the broadest sense. The alternative? Head out to the Fox & Crow, where ancient hardwoods shade a secluded three-season patio, and blue jays and squirrels entertain on a breezy second-story porch. Sure, you may find yourself missing the downtown panhandlers, RTA exhaust, and airborne grit as you relax in the countryside, with your saganaki and spanakopita or prime rib and pasta primavera. But somehow, we doubt it.