Best Of 2003

Best Saturday Morning Stroll: West 25th Street, Between Lorain and Bridge

Here's a little urban trek that's great for impressionable out-of-towners. Start on the east side of West 25th at funky City Buddha, where the air is heavy with incense and shelves sag beneath the weight of Asian and Indonesian imports. Head south a few doors to Something Different gallery for a glass of wine and a gander at the sophisticated assortment of vintage and contemporary wares. Then backtrack a few steps to Lelolai, an outstanding Puerto Rican bakery and sandwich shop, where robust coffee and a slice of mango cheesecake always hit the spot. Cross the street to Market 25, a friendly retail incubator that's home to gourmet truffles, a psychic reader, and fancy pet wares. Then it's just a few more steps to Market Square, to dig the arts, crafts, live music, and colorful street scene. Back across the street is the West Side Market, a true urban melting pot -- and the place to buy all the ingredients for a Saturday-night feast. Suburban malls may offer more storefronts; but for authentic atmosphere and style, this little neighborhood walkabout is hard to beat.