Best Of 2003

Best Spot for Eagle Spotting: Cuyahoga Valley National Park's Towpath Trail

Northeast Ohio's bald-eagle population is soaring, and some of those broad-shouldered flying machines can be spotted cruising through the Cuyahoga River Valley, in the air above the national park's Towpath Trail. We've seen them flying high at the Station Road Trailhead, just north of the Route 82 bridge; winging it right above our heads, about halfway between the bridge and mile marker 16; and skimming the treetops on the bridge's south side. And even if your own towpath trek fails to turn up an encounter with one of these avian kings, don't despair: The park is home to more than 194 other species of birds, from herons, osprey, and wild turkeys to sparrows and house wrens. So you're bound to see something worth spotting.