Best Of 2004

Best Old-Time Soda Fountain: Saywell's Drugstore

The independently owned pharmacy is nearly extinct, and most of us know about its friendly little soda fountain mainly from Norman Rockwell prints. But like a blip on time's radar, Hudson's 95-year-old Saywell's drugstore lives on, its little nine-seat soda fountain serving up delicious sodas, milkshakes, and sundaes garnished with a spoonful of sweet nostalgia. Sure, the folks behind the fountain nowadays are young women in jeans and T-shirts, not soda jerks in white paper caps; and the tall, elegant soda glasses have given way to disposable plastic cups. But the worn marble countertop feels as smooth and cool as ever, and the red vinyl stools still spin as swiftly. It's the perfect place to visit with the children in your life -- even if the only kid you hang with is the one living inside your grown-up heart.