Best Of 2005

Best Beatmaker: Joe Minadeo

If Akron-based producer Joe Minadeo were the blingy type, he'd take the crunk cup. Most beatmakers find a quirky sonic style and stick to that formula until their 15 minutes passes. Minadeo, on the other hand, has enjoyed a rare longevity through variety. He was one of the key figures in Cleveland's venue-packing rap-rock group Poets of Another Breed. Then he realized that producers would never get anywhere unless they organized, so he formed the Beatmakers Local 913 collective, pooling the talents of Northeast Ohio's better rhymers. In the last year, he's produced and written beats for Racermason, helping the group move beyond trip-hop. He's programmed, drummed, and played a host of instruments for local instrumental luminaries, soundscapists, and electronic moodmakers, including Tokyo Shapiro and Low in the Sky. And he continues to work with the cream of the region's hip-hop talent, playing bass, producing, or shaping smooth-moving, hard-hitting beats for Spittin Image, Siege, and Iyan Anomolie, to name a few. So chances are good that if you find a beat lying around, Minadeo dropped it.