Best Of 2005

Best Theater for Popcorn Movies: Cinemark at Valley View

With its ample personal space, comfy seats, and relatively unsticky floors, Valley View is one multiplex that still cares about your moviegoing experience. Stadium seating guarantees that some dude with huge hair won't block your view of Jude Law's face or Angelina Jolie's lips. And its 24 screens (the greatest number in the area) keep the week's big releases in constant rotation, so you won't get shut out and have to settle for Martin Lawrence when you want Brad Pitt. Even bad movies become tolerable in this setting; you can always catch a few z's in these seats, which thoughtfully provide space for a wallet-busting bucket of popcorn. And no other place in town is equipped to handle all-digital screenings. So, if you really want to see Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith as George Lucas intended, Valley View's the only place to go.