Best Of 2005

Best Bachelor Party: Diamond Men's Club

This sprawling gentlemen's club has tons to offer: a top-notch menu, affable hosts and staff, and a stage with enough lights and props for a Steven Spielberg shoot. But when it comes to playing host to you and 12 of your horniest buddies, there's really only one amenity to judge by: The Girls. They're pros, with enough warmth and wit to make you feel good about handing them your hard-earned cash. And they're hot - more Playboy-ready than the dancers in most other Cleveland clubs. Though the Diamond's facade looks more like that of an old-school steakhouse, and its Flats location feels a bit seedy, the club's Ambers and Aubreys and Alyssas will make you feel like you're in Vegas. And its affordable party packages - which include juicy steaks, reserved floor seating, and even time in the fabled champagne room - ensure that you'll never want to leave.