Best Of 2005

Best Club to Book Your Band's First Gig: The Phantasy Nite Club

Lakewood's Phantasy Nite Club has long been a launching pad for new bands - if it worked for Trent Reznor, it could work for you. The Phantasy's adjacent sister club, the Symposium, stopped hosting live music this year, but the Phantasy now presents bigger bills with twice as many acts. And more bands generally amounts to bigger crowds, creating a better chance for you and your band to be seen. Every Friday and Saturday (and many days in between), up to six emo, hardcore, metal, and rock bands line up for a night of live music. Best of all, unlike many area clubs and promoters, the Phantasy doesn't force bands to hawk their own tickets before they take the stage; good songs are enough to get you a gig here.