Best Of 2005

Best Big Burgers: Foster's Tavern of Hinckley

Does $13.95 seem like a lot to pay for a hamburger? Then keep buying those skinny little patties that look as if they've passed through a clothes press. But if you have a taste for a serious sandwich - one that's so tall you'll need a jack to hold your jaws open - then check out the half-pound, freshly ground Black Angus bacon cheeseburger at Foster's Hinckley Tavern. Anchored by a meat patty the size of a hockey puck, layered with a dense blanket of cheese and what seems like a pound of cracklin' crisp bacon, and garnished with a slab of lettuce, a plank of tomato, a block of onion, and oh yeah, some pickles, this burger means business. Sided with a passel of hand-cut French fries, this meal gives new meaning to "super-size."