Best Of 2005

Best Doughnuts: Honeygirl Bake Shoppe

These doughnuts are addictive. At least, that's our excuse for hitting Honeygirl Bake Shoppe so often this year. These oversized pillows of sweetness and light are so pure, yet so decadent, we've heard of hostesses trotting them out as dessert at fancy dinner parties! Our personal jones is for the custardy cruller, a confection that owes far more to crême brûlée than to Krispy Kreme. A sweet so delicate and rich would hardly seem out of place on a finely set table, snuggled inside a dainty dish from Villeroy & Boch. A close second is the cream sticks - sleek little tunnels of voluptuous delight that can be cut into bite-sized pieces and eaten like bonbons. With more than a dozen varieties to choose from, each doughnut fiend is free to discover his or her own addiction. But if they ever start selling these things in alleys, watch out.

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