Best Of 2005

Best Place to Buy Old Issues of Playboy: Flower Child

Remember when you were a kid, standing in the magazine section of the bookstore, drooling over an issue of Playboy hidden inside a copy of The Economist? Well, there's no need to feel ashamed here. These old Playboys, stacked in the basement of this retro paradise, are "collectibles," so you can stare at the boobies all you want, and nobody will call you a pervert. Whether you're looking to patch a hole in your collection or are nostalgic for just one more glimpse at those issues your mom threw away, this store provides hours of "reading" pleasure. Check out the infamous spread of Madonna, "Unlike a Virgin," from 1985, in which she bares it all, including armpit hair. And be sure to catch Kim Basinger in 1983, just after her breakout role as a Bond girl. Other "flashes" from the past include Dana Plato, who played opposite Gary Coleman on Different Strokes, and Pamela Sue Martin, who played sleuth Nancy Drew on the ABC series. If you're weird and you actually read the articles, you'll find some classic interviews, like a 1988 sit-down with Yasir Arafat and a 1985 chat with Apple founder Steve Jobs. And nothing makes a better pinup than the 1978 "Playboy Drug Chart." But the biggest revelation is what breasts looked like before implants. Yowza!