Best Of 2005

Best Retro Toys: Big Fun

Time passes slowly in this ever-popular toy store, which is among the few surviving retail shops in Cleveland Heights' famed Coventry district. Here, you can reconnect with all of your old friends: G.I. Joe, Luke Skywalker, Mr. T, Captain Kirk, Rambo, the Hulkster - they're all here, and they've missed you so. Not big on action figures? Shoot your eye out with a Red Rider BB gun, or test a brand-new Slinky. The readin' type? Dive into a Mad magazine or a Swamp Thing comic. A big eater? Grab a Hello Kitty lunch box and stuff it with a homemade cake from an Easy-Bake Oven. And if none of that's old-fashioned enough, ask about the store's collection of Jesus figurines. After all, no one's more retro than J.C.

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