Best Of 2005

Best Cavalier: LeBron James

This may seem a no-brainer, but with Anderson Varejao's hair and Ira Newble's fun-to-say name, it was closer than you would think. However, in the end, James' native abilities won out. It's not just his skills, although the fact that he was among the NBA's top three players in no fewer than 11 different categories last season - including scoring, minutes, and steals - certainly attests to his many talents, as does the fact that he single-handedly almost snuck the Cavs into the playoffs. But perhaps more important than LeBron's prodigious abilities is his aura - his flash, his youth, and his history with Northeast Ohio. It all puts butts in the seats and will likewise attract top-quality supporting players to help LeBron achieve his potential, which right now seems limitless.