Best Of 2005

Best Gym: One to One Fitness Center

As its name suggests, One to One prides itself on personal services. In fact, the only other place you'll get this kind of attention is at your mom's house. The two-story luxury gym comes equipped with licensed nutritionists to analyze your food intake, measure your body-mass index, and plan out a diet based on your resting metabolic rate. Every week, they'll track your results, alternately clucking or cheering your progress. Certified personal trainers wander the weight room, correcting your posture and adjusting your weights. They make you run on treadmills to determine your fitness level, then create individualized workout plans. And you'll never have to wait to use the equipment: The club has 22 treadmills, 18 elliptical trainers, and 24 recumbent bikes. The only place to get a better workout is in the Browns training room.

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