Best Of 2006

Best Aloha on a Plate: Kimo's Sushi Shop

For Hawaiians, "aloha" is more than a simple greeting. It's an expression of warmth, mutual regard, and camaraderie. As an Oahu native, James "Kimo" Javier serves up big helpings of island flavor every Friday with his Hawaiian-style "plate lunches." Available in three sizes -- the Prince, the Queen, and the King -- the full-meal deals feature crunchy, deep-fried shrimp, ginger-glazed teriyaki chicken, and for dessert, haupia, a dense, coconut-flavored cornstarch pudding. But the showstopper is the slow-roasted kalua pork, island barbecue seasoned with mineral-rich Hawaiian red salt and roasted for more than six hours inside a blanket of banana and ti leaves. Succulent, rich, and flavorful, it's an authentic taste of aloha in the heart of Ohio City.