Best Of 2006

Best Limited-Time Veggie Offer: Parker's New American Bistro

At Parker's, chef de cuisine Andy Strizak lavishes each naturally grown bean, bud, and berry with the same attention others give to ingredients nearer the top of the food chain. The best way to sample his work is to attend one of the bistro's prix fixe Vegetarian Dinners, a monthly five-course homage to meat-free luxe. Of course, these meals aren't meant as "health food." Healthy, yes; but Strizak knows that a judicious dab of butter or splash of cream can coax peak flavor from even the humblest of components. His dishes have an almost transcendent purity -- full of natural flavors and health-giving wholesomeness, yet still romantic to the taste buds. Contact the restaurant for the October and November dinner dates -- and get your reservation in; sadly, the restaurant is closing at the end of the year.