Best Of 2007

Best Podcast: Jawbone Radio

In the attic of their Lakewood home, husband and wife Len and Nora Peralta produce one of the longest-running local podcasts, Jawbone Radio. Jawbone is an aural melting pot that combines daily events of the Peralta family, news of the weird, and poptastic interviews with people like "Pac-Man Fever" songwriters Buckner and Garcia -- and even Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson's mom. The popularity of the "cast" has led to a video blog called "Len TV" and a series of hand-drawn animations called "Monsters by Mail." Jawbone listeners can even purchase their very own monster, drawn by Len. Jawbone Radio is consistently intriguing stuff for Clevelanders, who will fall in love with the everyman (and everywoman) personas of Len and Nora. Imagine the Pekars, but with monsters in the attic instead of toys.

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