Best Of 2007

Best Twee-Pop Band: Bears

When the sky turns to pavement and the wind starts biting at your face, nothing can warm you up like a live set by the Bears. Their infectiously playful pop, imbued with hints of the Beach Boys and Tullycraft, have a way of making the harsh winter disappear. It's a breezy retreat that has garnered the live sextet a hardcore following throughout Ohio, where folks easily forget the whimsy of summer come February. Built around the recordings of principal members Craig Ramsey and Charlie McArthur, their self-released albums frequently appear on the top-10 seller lists at local record stores. In a town of metal mania, the Bears are a breath of fresh air, offering up tunes that return you to a time when Pete and Pete was still on Nickelodeon and sno-cones were preferable to 40s.