Best Of 2007

Best Bar to Meet a Fireman: The Public House

If you're out on the prowl for one of Cleveland's bravest, try the Public House. When they're not dousing blazes across the city, local firemen are dousing their livers at this roomy yet still intimate Irish bar. In the heart of West Park, the PH has the right mix of demographics to make anyone feel at home -- from seasoned drunks to saucy lasses, and everyone in between. More important, it has the right mix of demographics if you're looking for someone who will, say, rescue your cat or make sweet love to you in the back of a ladder truck. Don't expect to talk lovingly over candlelight; the Public House is slammed all weekend and features a consistent schedule of live music. And don't expect to drive home: The bartenders here are pro's pros, finely skilled in the art of making sure you need a ride home.