Best Of 2007

Best Old-School Thrash in the Company of Drag Queens: Now That's Class

Before it became a punk-friendly bar with a metal-heavy jukebox, Now That's Class was the Edge, and before that, Club Deco, and before that, Sexx -- three clubs that leaned toward the gender-bending and fetishistic side of the gay scene. The name changed again in March, but some of the old clientele remained, peacefully co-existing with the newbies, an open-minded crowd of tattooed hardcore heads. These days, Mohawk-wearing fans slam-dance to bands like Toxic Reasons and Dead Fall on one side of the club, while on the other, more sedate music lovers soak up the soothing sounds of Iron Maiden and Slayer. And all rub elbows with Deco leftovers, who range from straitlaced gay drinkers to a variety of drag queens. If your tastes are out of the mainstream, Now That's Class has what you need.