Best Of 2007

Best Salsa Dancing for Rookies: Sunset Lounge

Walk into Sunset Lounge on a Saturday night, and you may think you've been transported back in time to seventh-grade phys-ed class. Boys and girls are split up into groups on the dance floor, while a peppy Costa Rican instructor demonstrates how to simultaneously wiggle your hips, spin, and manage to avoid injury. Just when everyone thinks they've got it down, guys and gals are paired up for their first sizzling salsa dance. The result is usually akin to a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong. Luckily, along with these free salsa lessons every Saturday night, this tropical-themed martini-and-sushi bar offers a mile-long list of heavy-poured cocktails to lube up those tin-man legs. And after the hour-long lesson ends, DJ Gozadera keeps the Latin party jumping until last call, allowing you ample time to either hone your salsa skills or revert back to dancing like your dad on ecstasy.