Best Of 2007

Best Dining with the In-Laws: Giovanni's Ristorante

Giovanni's is one of Cleveland's last remaining formal dining spots -- a serene, sedate, entirely civilized Italian jewel box. With service that's impeccable and extraordinary dishes, the important elders in your life should feel right at home. It's the perfect destination for proving you turned out all right, that you know to don a jacket for fine dining, that you can make sense of an extraordinary wine list, and that you can cover a $35 entrée without wincing. Demonstrate your panache by joking with the sommelier, your savoir-faire by ordering the veal chop medium-rare. Sure, part of you will hope those elders pick up the massive tab. But you'll have to decline: Giovanni's Ristorante is a grown-up's restaurant, and now you've joined the ranks.